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    Rules that all members must follow


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    Rules that all members must follow

    Post  Mametchi on Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:28 pm

    Please read and follow all the rules, breaking certain rules will result in warnings or bans

    1. Do not use any kind of foul language that will hurt or offend others doing so will result in your account being banned

    2. Be nice to all members at all times

    3.Please Refrain from double posting, if you have something to add after you post something click "edit" and add whatever else you needed to say

    5. Do not overuse cap letters or emoticons

    6. Do not post any kind of sexual material be it pictures or words, doing so will result in your account being banned

    7. Do not advertise your or others websites if you want to you may add your website or other person's website in a signiture, keep rule number 6 in mind

    8.Do not post comments that have nothing to do with a topic

    9.Do not bump a topic that is more than 2 months old

    10.Do not post comments or topics saying that you have no friends or that no one likes you to gain attention

    12.Do not bug admin or moderators to make you an admin or moderator, we will choose

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